Ampsin-Neuville Lock

The first phase of the work on the Ampsin-Neuville lock project was completed in January 2022 and consisted of replacing the lock, which measured 55 x 7.5 metres, with a lock measuring 225 x 12.5 metres. This new infrastructure now allows boats to pass through, allowing the works to focus on the larger neighbouring lock, which measures 225 x 25 metres, which is the project’s ultimate aim, and which will replace the existing lock measuring 136 x 16 metres. The works began in August 2018, with the aim of putting the large lock (225 x 25) into service by the end of 2023.

These works will also enhance the quality of life of users, cyclists and walkers :

  • The left bank, downstream from the site, will be landscaped to give it a more natural character
  • A new fish ladder – the biggest in Wallonia – resembling a real artificial river, will allow aquatic fauna to cross the dam
  • The bridge linking the towns of Amay and Huy will be replaced and lengthened to cross over the national road. It will also connect the existing cycle paths. The main road will be closed to road traffic and reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The N90 will be secured and realigned

Located on the Meuse river, between the towns of Huy and Amay, the Ampsin-Neuville lock is the 3rdbusiest lock in Wallonia. Commissioned in 1958, the lock needs to be rehabilitated to reduce the waiting time of boat owners and allow large ships to pass through.

Key figures Altogether, the overall cost of the project amounts to €138,000,000, provided by SOFICO, the project owner.
provided by the European Commission as part of the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) programme for the preliminary studies
provided by SOFICO, the project owner, with the help of a loan from European Investment Bank (EIB)
Almost 8,28 million tonnes of goods passed through the Ampsin-Neuville lock in 2021

Key dates


Start of civil engineering and electromechanical works



Scheduled date of commissioning of the new lock

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