Lighting Plan 4.0

The Lighting Plan 4.0 is a project carried out in the form of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between SOFICO and the LuWa group, which comprises Citelum, CFE, Luminus and DIF. This partnership, which spans twenty years, concerns the design, modernisation and maintenance of the public-lighting equipment located along the 2,700 kilometres of the structured network managed by SOFICO.

Since November 2019, the orange sodium lighting we are familiar with has gradually been replaced with LED lighting, which has several benefits: it is more economical, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable and offers improved road safety due to the better colour rendering. The LuWa interactive map allows you to follow the work of the Lighting Plan 4.0.

Dynamic and modular lighting 

By 2023, the Lighting Plan 4.0 will have modernised no fewer than 110,000 light points along Wallonia’s motorways and main roads using LED lighting equipped with a remote-management system.

The intensity of smart LED lights can be adjusted:

  • by being pre-programmed, across the majority of the network, based on the pre-recorded use of these roads (depending on the day, the time of the night).
  • instantly at some strategic points of the network (motorway entry and exit ramps, pedestrian crossings, etc.), thanks to various on-site equipment.

Each light point can also be managed remotely and instantly from the PEREX Centre.

Key figures The Lighting Plan 4.0 in numbers
light points renewed over 2,700 kilometres of the structured network
energy saving
tonnes of CO²
motorway exit ramps equipped with the wrong-way detection system

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