Maintenance and rehabilitation

In order to provide a quality motorway network which offers safety and comfort, SOFICO, in the last few years, has invested on an average, more than 300 million each year in the maintenance and renovation of the structuring network.

Mise à 4 voies de l'E40/A3 entre Alleur et Loncin

There are two levels of rehabilitation :

  1. Extensive rehabilitationsthat reinforce or replace part or all of the lower layers of the road. There have been may works of this type over the past years because SOFICO has had to compensate for the under-investment in motorways over the past decades. Several investment plans have been implemented since 2010 to bring the network up to standard.
  1. Superficial rehabilitationswhich concern the upper layers. This is preventive maintenance (surface dressing or scraping/applying one or two layers) which prolongs the life of the roads by delaying extensive rehabilitation and preventing the lower layers from deteriorating.

SOFICO gives priority to carrying out high quality works that have as little impact on users as possible.

Numerous actions are taken to this effect :

  • As many traffic lanes as possible are kept open;
  • Works are carried out at night, at weekends and during the holidays whenever possible;
  • Coordination between sites;
  • Work is carried out section by section.
E42/A15 - réhabilitation du viaduc de Huccorgne
March 2021 awareness campaign

To improve user safety on roads, SOFICO takes a two-pronged approach :

  • It organisesawareness campaignsto remind users how to use the road infrastructures correctly.
  • It carries out various works in order to adapt the layout of roads: turning a crossroads into a roundabout, creating a lane for vehicles to turn right or left on a national highway, replacing safety barriers/central reservation, etc.
SOFICO takes part in the Provincial Commissions on Road Safety that bring together various players concerned by road developments and road safety issues.

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