Per-kilometer charges for heavy goods vehicles

Since 1st April 2016, the per-kilometre charges for heavy goods vehicles has been in force in Belgium. It is based on the simple principle that it is the users who pay: those using Wallonia's motorways and main highways pay according to the number of kilometres travelled and the weight and emission class of their vehicle.

This levy takes the form of a tax in Flanders and Brussels and the form of a fee in Wallonia where it is paid to SOFICO. SOFICO invests this money straight into the rehabilitation and maintenance of the structuring network, thus optimising the safety and comfort of users.

In Wallonia, the per-kilometre charge, applicable in the “structuring” road network, is based on the number of kilometres travelled. This charge concerns heavy goods vehicles which are intended for the transport of goods, and those that are used for this purpose, that have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of over 3.5 tonnes.

Heavy goods vehicles subject to the per-kilometre charge must be equipped with an OBU (On Board Unit), a recording system that calculates the toll charge owed via a satellite signal.

Le prélèvement kilométrique poids lourds est géré par l’entité interrégionale VIAPASS.

In Wallonia, the basic rate is 11.60 cents Excluding VAT per kilometre travelled. On the basis of this rate, a tiered rate is calculated depending on the vehicle’s weight (GVW) and emission class (European emission norm).

Thanks to the per-kilometre charge, SOFICO now has more precise data on the freight transport on its road network. In 2020, taken all together, vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes travelled 1,85 billion kilometres on toll roads, which represents a revenue of 251 million euros for SOFICO.

In the three regions, the per-kilometre charge for heavy goods vehicles is managed by the inter-regional entity VIAPASS. Users can contact this entity for all enquiries concerning this per-kilometre charge.

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