SOFICO social network charter


1. Acceptance of the charter

The use of SOFICO social media accounts and pages is subject to the social media charter described below. By using these accounts and pages, you confirm that you are aware of and have accepted without reserve the latest version of this charter.

2. Objective

The objective of the various accounts and pages managed by SOFICO on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is to share information with internet uses about SOFICO projects, about infrastructure complete on the road and motorway network, about communication campaigns that it is rolling out and about all news concerning infrastructure managed by SOFICO.

These various accounts and pages are not intended to convey real-time traffic information, speed camera warnings or information concerning highway defects. SOFICO reserves the right not to publish any comments containing information in relation to the subjects referred to above.

The SOFICO social media accounts and pages are not the place for reporting highway impairments or problems with any of the various infrastructure managed by SOFICO. To report a pothole, a crack, pavement heaving or any other impairment, you need to send an email to Wallonia’s Civil Service (SPW), SOFICO’s technical partner, at

Neither do the SOFICO social media accounts and pages handle complaints regarding damage suffered on the roads and motorways network managed by SOFICO. Complaints submitted to SOFICO social media accounts and pages will be neither processed nor published. The procedure for submitting a complaint or reporting damage can be found in our website terms and conditions of use.

3. Rules of good conduct

All users wishing to express themselves on social media pages and accounts must choose their use of language carefully, not communicate information about other people’s private lives, and also avoid making any repetitive comments, comments that are off the subject or which may trigger a conflict, which relate to a settlement, or which are provocative, etc.

4. Moderation of comments

To avoid any blunders on social media accounts and pages, SOFICO has taken the decision to apply maximum filters to comments upstream. SOFICO thus reserves the right not to publish, and to delete:

  • insulting content
  • aggressive or shocking content
  • content of an erotic or obscene nature
  • personal insults between participants
  • publicity and commercial content, statements from political organisations, trade unions
  • content intended to discredit other comments and publications intended to be non-constructive
  • content that is off-subject or in comprehensible

The moderators will also delete any content that is punishable under criminal law, in particular:

  • content of a racist, xenophobic, revisionist or denialist nature
  • content of a child pornography nature
  • content drawing attention to the private life of other participants or f third parties
  • incitations to hate, calls for violence or murder
  • hateful or discriminatory content based on presumed race, colour of skin, heritage, national or ethnic origin, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, birth, wealth, religious or philosophical conviction, trade union allegiance, language, current or future state of health, a handicap, a physical or genetic characteristic or social origin
  • defamatory content
  • content that infringes intellectual property rights

SOFICO moderators reserve the right to prohibit access to social network accounts and pages to any individual who contravenes this charter.

The statements and terms and conditions of use of the various social networks used by SOFICO apply equally to all users of the pages below:

– Facebook

– Twitter

SOFICO’s various social media accounts and pages are not managed immediately, however comments will be moderated as quickly as possible.

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