Low emissions infrastructure

The 'low emissions infrastructure' consists of developing the energy potential of the highways network and waterways infrastructure for which SOFICO is responsible by making optimal use of all the elements available in this area (motorway junctions, strips of vegetation along the motorways…).

This type of implementation also reduces the spread of visual and environmental nuisance.

Each parcel of the area can be upgraded by using the most appropriate mode(s) of energy production (biomass, photovoltaic, wind energy, co-generation…) based on its technical and economic characteristics.

This project aims to:

  • support the regional renewable energy production objectives and combat global warming
  • economically benefit the local parties concerned
  • promote the consumption of local energy by SPW, SOFICO, and users, specifically in the context of new mobility needs
  • encourage storage to provide energy permanently


The competitive dialogue phase will take place in 2019 with a desire to see several players pooling their expertise (SMEs and large organisations) throughout the entire Walloon region. The projects selected will be announced during 2020.

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